Wil Cantrell serves as the Senior Associate Pastor of Concord United Methodist Church in Farragut, TN.  Wil’s driving passion is to help people live an authentic life while experiencing a real growing faith in Jesus Christ.  Previously, he served as the associate pastor at Middlebrook Pike UMC and as the pastor of Lebanon Memorial UMC (Lebanon, VA) before coming to Concord UMC in July 2015.

Wil was elected to serve on the General and Jurisdictional Conference delegations from the Holston Conference in 2012 & 2016/19 and 2001-2005 Executive Committee of the World Methodist Council.

He is the author of Unafraid and Unashamed: Facing the Future of the United Methodism and From Heaven To Earth: Christmas For New Believers, Old Believers, and Nonbelievers.

Wil is an avid runner and sub-3 hour marathoner.